Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an excellent way for businesses small and large to market their products and services and engage with their customers on a much more personal basis. Consumers of any product are already involved with their favorite brands on social media. Businesses that are not leveraging social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or Pinterest miss tremendous opportunities to drive brand awareness and create potential new customers.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a form of digital marketing that entails creating and distributing marketing content on social media networks. It often involves creating text, images, videos, or other content posts that capture the attention of a brand’s target audience. Every form of content a brand places on its social media account can drive customer engagement, increase brand awareness, and drive sales. However, brands must remain aware of their content to stay aligned with current trends and avoid conflicting or confusing messages about their product or service. At SIS Global Marketing, we help brands navigate the rapidly changing social media marketing environment to remain current on public affairs, emerging trends, and potential market opportunities.

How can businesses benefit from Social Media Marketing?

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Social media marketing allows businesses to engage with their audiences and gather opinions without costly research studies. Since most social media platforms enable direct messaging, consumers can ask burning questions or provide valuable insights directly to account managers, allowing brands to improve their communications and interactions with their target audiences.

SIS Global Social Media Marketing, SMM

Web Traffic

Social media allows brands to interact and engage with new and existing customer groups, unlike any other form of marketing. It provides a channel to share product offerings and links to a brand’s website. As brands grow better versed in content creation and their social media engagements rise, they can find crafty ways to include calls to action and promotional items that drive increased web traffic.

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Brand Identity & Awareness

Social media marketing presents an exciting opportunity for brands to grow their recognition. Like word-of-mouth advertising, social media allows users to share a brand’s content with friends and family. With every share, the number of impressions on a content piece grows, organically increasing brand recognition. However, businesses must remain mindful of their content to avoid stagnancy and create dry and dull media.

Social media marketing also enables businesses to build their brand identity, supporting political movements aligning with their company culture, establishing partnerships with similar brands, or engaging with new potential customers. This is an excellent way for brands to show the world what they value. So, increasing brand awareness and identity allows businesses to personify their product offerings and strengthen their relationships with their audiences.

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Building Conversions

Most social media platforms enable businesses to track their interactions and engagements on a whole-account or post-by-post basis. This transparency allows brands to identify what does and does not work for their intended audiences. As a brand becomes more familiar with the content that increases engagement, it can target subsets of its audience with more personalized and targeted ad campaigns to help boost conversion rates and drive revenue.

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Competitive Analysis

An often-overlooked benefit of social media marketing is that it allows businesses to gather insights from their competition and understand different niche audiences they may convert. By tracking the content and engagements a business’s competitors produce, a brand can enter social media with better preparedness, knowing what does and does not work for their rivals. It is vital to ensure that any content a brand produces is original, but gaining insights into the competition can spark new ideas for gaining market share.

How is the effectiveness of a Social Media Marketing campaign measured?

The effectiveness of a social media marketing campaign remains dependent on a brand’s goals. Still, a few different KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can provide great insights into the effectiveness of a campaign, depending on those goals.

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Follower Count

Follower count is essential for any brand to understand how many individuals keep up with their posts. Every platform displays follower count directly on an account’s profile, and it is an easy way for brands to keep track of growth and for followers to gauge brand credibility. Low follower counts can significantly hurt a brand’s credibility, especially if the account is older.

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Post Reach

Post reach is a quantifiable number that tells a brand how many accounts saw their post. Post reach is a great metric to understand what is and is not working from the content side. Businesses can use post reach as an excellent metric for understanding brand awareness and growth rates. One viral post can significantly impact post reach for the remainder of the account’s life, which is why it is an essential item to track.

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Unlike engagements (the number of accounts that interact with a post) or post reach (the number of unique accounts that saw a post), impressions account for the total number of views a post or profile has received. Impressions differ from the metrics above in that a single account can view a post several times, and it will increase the number of impressions. Impressions are a great way to quantify returning customers and gather a general sense of outreach.

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Share of Voice

Share of voice (SOV) is a critical metric allowing brands to quantify their market share across social media platforms. Businesses can track their share of voice by identifying keywords and hashtags they associate with their brand. Comparing traffic for these keywords towards a brand’s account and their competitor’s allows businesses to understand ways to tailor their messaging to capture more significant portions of an audience.

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Likes are a good metric for engagement, but they are not the only form of engagement. Engagements can include comments, clicking links established by a brand, and sharing a brand’s content. Likes will tell you precisely how many individuals enjoyed the content you produced. On a post-by-post basis, likes can signal whether the content gains more or less traction over time.

How do businesses track their ROI with Social Media Marketing?

ROI calculations are relatively straightforward and do not require much effort on a brand’s behalf. Simply quantifying the profits generated by a campaign and dividing that value by the total cost of investments for that campaign will indicate the ROI.

How can SIS Global Marketing help with Social Media Marketing?

At SIS Global Marketing, we have built dedicated teams that produce and manage effective social media marketing campaigns.

These individuals understand the complexity of social media marketing and work diligently to ensure that our clients remain informed on new trends and insights happening in social media. Through SIS Global Marketing, you can gather support for:

  • Campaign Management
  • Content Design and Production
  • KPI Tracking and Insights
  • Competitive Social Media Landscape Analysis
  • Keyword Tracking and Content SEO Optimization
  • Brand Identity & Awareness Establishment
  • Social Media Account Management & Post Scheduling

No matter where you are in your marketing efforts, we are here to help. Our experts can put you on the fast track toward success, from ideation sessions to complete campaign management. We pride ourselves on being a preferred partner for businesses of all sizes, extending our business relationships far beyond a transaction and providing support at every step.

If you are looking to harness the power of social media or refine what you have already built, contact us today to see how we can make your efforts great.

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