Go-To-Market Strategy Consulting


Go-To-Market Strategy Consulting helps our clients expand to new markets overseas and into new sectors

SIS Go-To Market Strategy Consulting

Methodology: SIS International Research uses our powerful research solutions to identify new market opportunities. Then SIS Global Marketing implements the findings into action.

Solution: The result is the transformation of an existing business, the introduction of new offerings, improved processes, and enhanced performance.

Case Study: China Market Entry (Dancewear) Case Study


The client is an industry-leading dancewear and recital and performance costume provider to dance studios and consumers. They sell primarily B2B to Dance Studios in 140 countries around the globe. The company is vertically integrated – they design, produce, source, market, sell and distribute from their facilities in the US.

SIS Global Marketing was hired to research a possible market entry into China and develop a Go-to-Market strategy.


Our team of in-country researchers lead in-depth interviews, focus groups, and online surveys.

Our on-the-ground intelligence supports the development of an organized decision-making process. We identify important factors considered in purchase decisions, in addition to distribution challenges, unmet needs, pricing considerations, and opportunities for partnership and relationship building.


Industry incumbents have an inherent advantage in their domestic market. Our go-to-market strategy helps the client understand the weak spots in their competitors, opportunities in the market, and provides them with a roadmap to success.