Event Marketing Campaigns


SIS develops and conducts events to boost engagement and drive revenue.

SIS Event Marketing Campaigns

Uses: Events create memorable “experiences” which are powerful tools with customers in today’s fast-paced distracted

Methodology: SIS conceptualizes and launches events that are in-person, virtual, or global in nature.

Solution: SIS leverages insights from research to conceptualize and execute events that deliver results. The results are high-impact, cost-efficient events that maximize brand performance and build long-term customer relationships.

Past Case studies:

  • Event Marketing Solutions at Sporting Events to promote products
  • Press Conferences to introduce journalists to new product introductions
  • Event Marketing at the NY Auto Show
  • M&A Target Acquisition Pitch Luncheon in Munich and NYC
  • Global Trade Show Promotion Solutions in Switzerland, NYC, and Las Vegas

Our competitive advantages:

  • Global Scale
  • Experience in marketing event management
  • Skilled marketing experts
  • Expertise in recruiting experts, influencers, and participants