Influencer Marketing Campaigns


SIS activates audiences and brands for clients by recruiting influencers and launching campaigns to achieve specific objectives

SIS Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Uses: Influencers rapidly build long-term relationships between your customer and your brand.

Methodology: SIS recruits and activates influencers that are closely aligned with your brand and your strategic objectives.  SIS conceptualizes unique and memorable messages, campaigns, and events to enable your company to create “relationships” that last.

Solution: Results include boosted Lifetime Customer Value, emotional connections, enhanced pricing power, improved customer loyalty, and better performance overall.

Our competitive advantages:

  • Deeply networked into local communities and major global cities
  • Large scale and access to consumers
  • Creative marketing experts
  • Ability to create “emotional connections” between your brand and customers

Case studies:

  • Fashion Influencer recruitment in NYC, Copenhagen and London to promote a fashion brand and boost revenue
  • Automotive Journalist recruitment in Los Angeles and San Francisco to promote a new vehicle launch and gain major media attention 
  • Beauty Influencer recruitment in NYC to take before and after photos after using beauty products to demonstrate product performance
  • Aesthetician Influencer recruitment in the US, Australia and UK to expand brand awareness and product distribution
  • Gen Z Influencer recruitment worldwide for a global media brand to promote new programming