Brand Awareness Campaigns


Our client wanted to build brand awareness in a specialized product category and competitive market.

SIS Brand Awareness Campaigns


  • To boost revenue, customer loyalty, satisfaction, 
  • To combat price erosion and competition.  
  • For new product launches.

Methodology: SIS conducts comprehensive Market Research solutions with our leading Global Market Research division, providing visibility through data and statistics. We promote the findings in top media nationwide and worldwide.

Research > Data Collection > Strategy > Promotion of results

Solution: SIS promoted White Papers of research findings worldwide in high-profile media. The result is high-impact reports that draw media attention and whose powerful insights influence opinion.


  • Thought Leadership, Blogs, Vlogs
  • White Paper Campaigns
  • Digital and Print Advertisement

Past Case Studies:

  • Siemens 
  • Itech
  • Philip Habib & Associates
  • US Postal Service

Our competitive advantages:

  • Global Scale
  • Creativity
  • Research, Strategy and Marketing prowess
  • Skilled marketing experts