Marketing to Generation Z

Generation Z (or Gen Z) includes any individuals born between 1996 and 2010. This group of tech-savvy, independent thinkers is the largest generation in modern history and is responsible for some of today’s most significant behavioral and cultural shifts. As one of the largest groups in the consumer population, Gen Z has placed a considerable amount of pressure on brands to remain authentic and “practice what they preach.” Gen Z has kept many organizations on their toes, holding them to a higher standard than ever before. To effectively market with Gen Z, brands must remain authentic in their messaging and avoid “fluff” in the content they produce.

What is Gen Z Marketing?

Conventional standards do not easily define Gen Z marketing. They are the most culturally diverse and inclusive generation of all time, and marketing towards this group of diversified and inclusive thinkers can be even more challenging to define. These individuals have been immersed in technology their entire lives – rendering them digital experts by default. Smartphones, social media, and other digital interfaces are an essential part of who they are, so marketing through these channels requires a lot of effort, especially if your business is new to digital advertising. Gen Z marketing requires much more than simply selling a product or service. It requires objective authenticity and forces brands to stay true to their word. It also requires greater inclusivity, often a solid online social presence, and a clear set of company values. Without these items established, businesses have repeatedly failed to connect with these individuals.

How is Gen Z marketing performed?

Generation Z displays the most significant response to digital marketing efforts, including email, social media advertisements, and online review platforms. Due to their independent nature, this group of individuals is not too keen on direct selling efforts that scream “Buy now!” or “Try today!”. Instead, marketing towards Gen Z should involve copy that reflects online reviews or compare and contrast content. Marketing campaigns that provide information without forcibly swaying Gen Z to one side or another will ultimately perform much better than traditional marketing efforts like those used on their millennial counterparts. Because Gen Z has such a strong relationship with social media, businesses targeting these individuals will likely perform much better by focusing their efforts on Google, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, or Snapchat adverts. These platforms allow for simple, quick, and easily digestible marketing efforts, saving costs on content generation and expanding brand awareness in the process.

What does a Gen Z marketing campaign look involve?

Depending on the goals of an organization, a marketing campaign targeted at Gen Z can look very different. Still, several constants remain true, no matter what the product or service is. At SIS Global Marketing, we have found a unique methodology that can boost receptiveness with Gen Z when applied to nearly any marketing campaign.

Creative Digital Advertising & Content Curation

Distinct Mission Statement and Company Values

The first step in any Gen Z marketing effort should involve establishing coherent company values and a well-articulated mission statement. Gen Z is well-versed in the act of “voting with their dollars” and finds that a brand’s values should be a reflection of their own. More than half of those belonging to Generation Z believe that brands should carry a social responsibility initiative. Gen Z is more likely to engage with brands that establish these initiatives because they feel they can stand behind these values, and therefore better connect with the brand as a whole. Additionally, most of Gen Z carries a firmly held belief that brands have a role in the betterment of society, so it is vital for marketing efforts in this space to reflect that a business is doing just that.

Marketing to Generation Z

Accountability and Humility

Generation Z has no problem doing their research – after all, they are the most technologically adept individuals of all time. While it is difficult to understand the entirety of the social movements that Gen Z has established, brands must take full responsibility for any missteps they may have taken internally or externally. Showing humility when something goes awry and learning from those mistakes is the best way to regain or establish trust with these entrepreneurial-spirited minds.

Creative Digital Advertising & Content Curation

Brand Personality

Gen Z wants to engage with brands that stay true to their core values and display boldness and personality in their marketing efforts. Unlike millennials, Gen Z is not particularly fond of perfectly curated content. Instead, they find light-hearted and exciting marketing efforts to be much more digestible. For example, the footwear brand Crocs has seen massive success through TikTok by establishing outlandish brand collaborations with brands like KFC and Peeps. Brands like these allow creativity and inclusivity to drive brand awareness and sales conversions by simply staying true to who they are and having fun with their marketing efforts.

Creative Digital Advertising & Content Curation

Community Engagement

Generation Z thrives in a collaborative environment where they feel a part of something greater than themselves. Building a solid community online where Gen Z can engage with your brand and network with those with similar interests is an emerging trend that seems less transactional and more personal. These online communities and social media engagements build trust for your brand and open doors to listen and communicate with these individuals on a much more inviting level.

How is the effectiveness of a Gen Z marketing effort tracked?

Because much of the marketing efforts that invoke a response from Gen Z come from the internet, it can make progress tracking much easier for a business.

Key metrics like brand awareness, web traffic, engagements, and interactions can help determine just how well your brand resonates with these individuals. On social media platforms, engagements quantify the number of unique accounts that have either liked, commented on, or shared a post. For a brand looking to track their performance with Gen Z effectively, these items can help clarify just how well a post or page is doing. Using critical metrics like the number of likes on a post, the number of shares that post has had, and the user sentiment in the comment section can help brands strengthen their campaigns by refining their content as they move through their marketing initiatives. Without knowing it, Gen Z can act as both the target audience and guiding force for the content they consume.

Marketing to Generation Z

How is ROI tracked for Gen Z Marketing?

Tracking the ROI for a Gen Z-focused marketing campaign is determined by several factors. Depending on a brand’s objectives, ROI can mean an increase in brand awareness for ad spent, it can mean increased web traffic, or it can mean higher conversion rates and profits. To effectively determine the return on investment in this space, a brand must first identify its end goal, how much they are willing to spend to obtain that goal, and what reaching that end goal will do for the future of their organization. If a brand simply wants to raise its awareness, it will need to determine how much brand awareness is worth to decide whether its financial investment was worth it effectively.

How can SIS Global Marketing Assist with Gen Z marketing?

At SIS Global Marketing, we pride ourselves on building long-lasting partnerships that extend far beyond transactional engagements. In the world of Gen Z marketing, we have created a dedicated team of experts that can assist in many tasks to put your brand on track. Some of the services we offer to assist in Gen Z marketing efforts include:

  • Company Values & Mission Statement Refinement
  • Social Movement Alignment Consulting
  • Brand Awareness and Authenticity Training
  • Digital Media Creation and Management
  • Social Media Management and Curation
  • SEO-Optimized Content Production
  • Creative Marketing Ideation Sessions
  • Community Engagement Establishment

No matter where your brand sits with Gen Z marketing, we at SIS Global Marketing are here to help. Contact us today, and start your journey towards an effective Gen Z marketing campaign.