What is Influencer Marketing?

It’s no secret that social media has reshaped how individuals engage with and navigate the internet. Influencers have become the focal point for many that utilize social media. Brands of all shapes and sizes have targeted them to deliver messages about their products or services to their respective audiences. From Instagram to Facebook, X to TikTok, and YouTube to Twitch, influencers have become a reliable source for many individuals seeking product suggestions, reviews, and watchouts.

After all, word-of-mouth advertising has been, and likely always will be, one of the most effective forms of marketing. Audiences turn to influencers because they expect greater transparency than viral celebrities.

Audiences have held influencers to a higher standard than celebrities because they are relatable. Individuals see the lives of influencers and recognize that they are often not too far from their own. These audiences put trust in the influencers they follow and hold them accountable for the things they say. That is why a brand needs to market with influencers that align with its value and vision. A significant misalignment between a brand and an influencer can devastate a company’s marketing campaign and reputation.

How can influencer marketing benefit you?

Influencer marketing closes the gap between the consumer’s voice and marketing objectives, enabling brands to focus on niche content creators and target audiences. An influencer marketing campaign’s impact on a new or existing product offering is often unmatched by email, text, direct mail, or phone.

Influencer marketing offers something much more relatable to consumers than traditional media outlets – and over 80% of marketers have declared influencer marketing effective, with nearly 75% claiming that influencer marketing offers better customer quality and engagement than traditional marketing channels.

How is Influencer Marketing Performed?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to what influencer marketing looks like, but it follows a similar process regardless of the desired end product.

Our team of experts at SIS Global Marketing will contact influencers that fit our clients’ exact criteria. Once a connection has been established, we agree with the influencer(s) of choice, outlining the style, length, format, content, and cost profile of the advertisement(s). These agreements can include Instagram posts, YouTube videos, podcasts, TikTok posts, and more. Influencers know their audience best, and much of the creative freedom falls in their hand; however, we review all content before launch to ensure complete and total alignment with our client’s goals.

After we outline the deliverables with an influencer, check their content, and confirm it aligns with our client’s vision, we set a specified release date for the agreed-upon materials and watch as your brand awareness grows!

At SIS Global Marketing, we have established a network of well-known influencers spanning many topics. We have also shown an effective and proven method for engaging with new, up-and-coming influencers your brand would like to hire.

SIS Global Influencer Marketing

What do the deliverables look like in Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing does carry many different forms and techniques. Because the advertising method lacks a standardized methodology, influencer marketing can include, but is not limited to:

  • A “plug” inside a YouTube video, including a call to action like visiting a website or downloading an app.
  • A podcast declaring a particular brand as a sponsor for the content produced.
  • An Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook post showing a specific product or offering in use, often including a link to a brand’s social media accounts or website.
  • An agreement in which an influencer wears or uses merchandise throughout a live stream on social media outlets like Twitch, Facebook, Linked In, or Instagram to show product usability and provide a candid review.

Every marketing effort looks different depending on the campaign’s main objectives. Additionally, influencers are human, after all, and bring with them their personality, characteristics, and content stylings. At SIS Global Marketing, we understand how to perfect the influencer-brand alignment to create mutually beneficial relationships for all parties involved.

How is the effectiveness of an Influencer Marketing campaign measured?

There are several metrics that brands can use to understand the effectiveness of an influencer marketing campaign. Engagement is one of the most important measurements used to gauge the power of an influencer marketing campaign. Impressions are the number of individuals who see your marketing content, but engagements measure the number of individuals receptive to that message. Engagements do not necessarily indicate a conversion, but they are a great KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for assessing potential new customers. With the proper care and advertising, these individuals are most likely to convert.

How can SIS Global Marketing assist with your Influencer marketing campaign?

SIS Global Marketing can assist by identifying the right influencer for your marketing objectives. Similarly, we remain realistic throughout the process by setting reasonable goals during your first campaign and slowly building upon those goals as you have established a relationship with a significant influencer. Many audiences will be new to your product or concept, so it is vital to establish realistic expectations like engagements and brand awareness early on in the campaign. Once you have established an effective relationship with the influencer, we can then help transition toward your other important KPIs like sales conversions.

At SIS Global Marketing, we can assist with all of your Influencer Marketing needs, including:

  • Influencer Procurement
  • Influencer Sponsorships
  • Affiliate Marketing Establishment
  • Influencer Marketing KPI Tracking
  • Content Scripting and Ideation
  • Influencer Marketing Campaign Design & Management

Throughout any process, we remain a partner and ensure that your campaign is as effective as possible. We value the relationships we build with both our influencers and our clients and work to provide you with much more than just a transaction. At SIS Global Marketing, we pride ourselves on building long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships with clients of all shapes and sizes.

Contact us today to bring your Influencer Marketing campaign to life and connect with the audiences that value your products most.

SIS Global Influencer Marketing