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Advertisements and promotional campaigns saturate today’s consumer market, so brands must captivate their audiences and stand out from the crowd. A particularly efficient method of capturing the attention of potential customers is through event marketing. This marketing tactic helps build more significant customer interaction amongst brands and helps communicate company values, objectives, and personality.

What is event marketing?

Event marketing involves developing displays, presentations, exhibits, or activities to promote a product, service, or cause.

This form of marketing can be performed online or in-person and is an excellent place for brands to build their awareness in a new or existing market. Digital presentations, trade shows, private functions, and live streams are prime examples proven to increase brand trust and drive higher conversion rates.

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How is event marketing performed?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to how brands execute event marketing tactics; However, every event marketing campaign begins with developing a plan. First, a company must understand what they want to accomplish through their marketing efforts. Whether heightened brand awareness, increasing revenue, or shedding light on social issues are an organization’s goals, defining this early in the event development process is critical.

Next, organizations should consider whom they want to speak with to reach their defined objectives. Understanding the target customer or audience is an essential part of any successful marketing campaign – especially event marketing. It wouldn’t make much sense for an automobile manufacturer to host a webinar for customers interested in boats, so it is vital that brands genuinely understand who it is they are trying to sell to or inform.

Once a brand has identified its goals and defines its target consumer, it should plan its marketing event. With these items in place, organizations have several options for developing a significant marketing event. Every opportunity shares its own set of benefits depending on a brand’s goals and whom they want to speak about their products or services. The following are a few examples of event marketing techniques that brands can choose to pursue:

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Webinars and Live Streams

These online events often focus on informing customers about a new or existing product offering. Webinars typically teach something new to the audience and “sell” an idea or concept by relating it to those watching. Live streams are a less formal way of showcasing new products and services, and many brands choose to host these events by sponsoring influencers or other renowned individuals. These engagements help build brand awareness, strengthen online communities, and announce new product releases.

SIS Global Event Marketing Service

Trade Shows

Trade shows are held in-person, usually at a convention center or outside, where many organizations can set up shop concurrently. These events can be a great way to showcase new and existing products or capabilities, but they require creative solutions and catchy displays to stand out from the crowd. One downside to trade shows is that vendors often have no control over their location within the event, so it can be challenging to differentiate while next to competitors.

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Private Events

Some brands offer niche products and only want to target specific individuals, or their brand image focuses on exclusivity. Hosting private events enables brands to build a more intimate relationship with their clients and opens doors for more one-on-one conversations around their products.

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Product Demonstrations

Product demonstrations can be an excellent way for brands to showcase their innovative offerings or services. These events can be held online or in-person and enable organizations to gain customer feedback on their recent developments, in addition to forming closer relationships through conversation.

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Brand-Sponsored Entertainment Events

For organizations that want to focus on brand awareness or associate their brand with a particular activity, person, or place, sponsoring entertainment events is a powerful marketing tactic used by companies worldwide. Hosting these events is an excellent way for brands to reach large, diverse audiences quickly.

How is success tracked in event marketing initiatives?

Any brand’s goals and objectives that lead an event marketing campaign determine that initiative’s success criteria. For example, if a brand’s primary purpose is to associate its products with a particular scene, event, or lifestyle, hosting a brand-sponsored entertainment event would be an excellent place to start. Brands hosting these events can then follow social media trends, listen to nearby conversations at the event, and engage in consumer research to understand customer associations with their brand image. Brands that want to focus specifically on increased conversion rates should establish a baseline for their average conversion rate before launching a campaign. Once brands prove a baseline conversion rate, they can use a before and after comparison to understand the impact that their event had on sales. Ultimately, successful event campaigns will accomplish several set goals that brands check off as they achieve them.

How is the ROI of an event marketing campaign calculated?

Brands determine the ROI of an event marketing campaign by monitoring the direct impact of those initiatives on sales or conversion rates. After completing an event, companies should keep a close eye on new leads, market share, and conversion rates to understand the full depth of that event’s impact. Once a business understands the impact that an event has had on its marketing efforts, then it will assess the return made on its investment. This process can take a while, so brands must remain patient in this process. A business can start by quantifying the investment made to launch an event and then calculate the revenue generated directly by that event over time. Using tools to identify who attended the event, how many individuals were there, and the timing of purchases concerning that event will paint a picture of the event’s contribution to sales. A brand can then subtract the initial investment from its overall return and express that value as a percentage to understand the rate of return gained from its event.

What can event marketing do for a business?

Event marketing enables brands to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. It is an opportunity to showcase new and exciting products and allows for organizations to find creative new ways to engage with their prospective customers. These events can also assess consumer interest in a particular item by first gathering their opinions with concepts or ideas. Automobile manufacturers use event marketing to test vehicle concepts all the time. As they evaluate consumer interest, these brands can then make informed business decisions on investing their time where they know it will pay off.

How can SIS Global Marketing help businesses with event marketing?

There is a lot that goes into event marketing, yet there is no one way to approach it. At SIS Global Marketing, we have built a team of dedicated professionals to create phenomenal campaigns for our clients. We provide end-to-end services which facilitate growth for organizations worldwide and enable them to accomplish their short and long-term goals. As we evaluate each case specifically, we begin with a consultation to clearly define our client’s objectives – after which we begin work on a strategy. Our talented employees will assess your target market, analyze their behaviors, and decide on the most potent marketing events for that niche. The solutions we provide include but are not limited to:

  • Design, Curation, and Planning
  • Campaign Management
  • Event Advertising and Announcement
  • Event to Brand Strategy Alignment
  • Performance Tracking
  • Market Research and Competitive Landscaping
  • Event Host Procurement
  • Research Analysis

SIS Global Marketing has enabled brands worldwide to launch their event marketing campaigns effectively and accomplish their critical objectives from concept to event. Contact us today to see how we can strengthen your brand image and drive revenue through our trusted techniques.