Creative Digital Advertising & Content Curation

Using Creative Digital Advertising, SIS Global Marketing partners with brands of all sizes to create outside-of-the-box marketing assets at scale. Our talented and creative professionals expand brand awareness, expedite time-to-market, and boost margins for the world’s most innovative companies. Utilizing our proprietary techniques and end-to-end solutions enables brands to position themselves uniquely in whatever niche they serve.

With the rise of technology in the modern era, digital advertising has become an integral form of marketing for brands and businesses of any scale. As a result, small businesses, large corporations, and even sole proprietorships have leveraged digital advertisements. capture the attention of their target audiences and inform potential customers about the products and services they provide. Because digital advertising is becoming such a crowded space, brands have found it necessary to infuse creativity into their marketing efforts, thus forming the necessity of creative digital advertising.

Although creative digital advertising exists as a facet of digital marketing, many brands struggle to find innovative solutions in this space that capture their audiences’ attention and deliver robust and actionable marketing communications. At SIS Global Marketing, we understand that creating solutions in this space differs from traditional advertising measures, and therefore we treat creative digital advertising as a separate entity. By separating innovative solutions from conventional digital advertising techniques, our experts collaborate with brands worldwide without limitations. In short, they are trusted to push boundaries in what is possible with digital advertising.

What is creative digital advertising?

Creative digital advertising involves digital media production, for instance, using photos, videos, social media advertisements, banner ads, or even influencer campaigns to push boundaries in the digital space. The digital marketing space, especially social media, is filled with regurgitated content and cookie-cutter messaging that fails to bridge connections with new customers and even loyalists. Simply put, digital advertising has grown dull and dry.

The average modern individual is exposed to roughly 5,000 digital advertisements each day, but how many of those efforts resonate with consumers? Pushing boundaries in the digital realm does not mean that creative digital advertisements must invoke controversy, but it stresses the importance of authentic and original thoughts or ideas. Remaining competitive through digital marketing channels certainly requires brands to stand out from the crowd and capture the attention of those they want to reach.

How is creative digital advertising executed?

The great thing about creative digital advertising is that its approach differs in every execution.

Every campaign involves a new and exciting way for brands to showcase their creativity and tailor their messaging towards their intended audience. The creatives at SIS Global Marketing understand the nuances of navigating the digital marketing space and certainly have proven that their unique solutions can captivate the minds of individuals in even the most crowded of markets. Starting with an initial consultation, our experts take time to understand a brand’s objectives and effectively craft innovative marketing solutions for whatever digital channels they want to target. We then examine the digital marketing landscape in their respective field and ensure differentiation by avoiding repetition. From social media to email and videos to paid advertisement space, we form long-lasting partnerships with our clients to ensure that each campaign remains just as exciting as the last.

Creative Digital Advertising & Content Curation

How is success determined through creative digital advertising?

Determining the success of any digital advertising campaign can be complicated, so it’s measured through several KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). At SIS Global Marketing, we have placed these KPIs under five buckets to help our clients see where improvements can significantly impact their success.

Creative Digital Advertising & Content Curation

Web Traffic

Understanding the number of individuals visiting a brand’s website each month successfully establishes a baseline and measures continuous improvement as a digital advertising campaign runs. Additionally, supplementing the overall website traffic measurement with a breakdown of separate page categories is valuable. Sections like a homepage, blog, pricing page, solution page, etc. subsequently evaluate which portion of a brand’s website displays the highest conversion rates. This metric allows brands to focus their refinement efforts on underperforming website areas. Website return rate can also be a powerful tool to understand if a brand’s content is captivating enough to get people to come back for more.

Social Media Analytics

When focusing on successful social media efforts, brands should establish online communities and convert them into customers. Many organizations view social media as a brand awareness tool. However, it also serves as a powerful lead generation tool. Tracking a social media account’s site visitations, leads, and conversions shows a brand how much its content is performing.

Creative Digital Advertising & Content Curation

Paid Advertisements

While cost-per-click advertisements can be very effective, they are also costly. It’s essential for organizations running cost-per-click advertisements to track their ROI to understand the profitability of their paid campaigns. Moreover, Brands should keep a close eye on the number of monthly conversions from cost-per-click advertisements. Recording that number as a percentage will gain a complete overview of their non-paid marketing efforts. Brands can then decide whether paid advertisements or organic outreach campaigns (like SEO) are most effective.

Creative Digital Advertising & Content Curation

SEO (Search engine optimization)

Organic traffic from search engines is one of the most reliable and profitable marketing channels for digital campaigns. However, using powerful keywords associated with brands, products, or services, organizations can craft creative messaging and SEO-friendly content. Consequently, this increases their rankings in search engine results pages or SERPs. The KPIs focused on SEO mainly target organic traffic and highly desirable leads. Therefore, creating long-lasting and engaging SEO content to remain relevant to potential customers is essential.

Creative Digital Advertising & Content Curation

Lead Generation

Probably the most widely used metric in digital marketing is the number of new leads generated within a given month. Therefore, whether signing up for weekly email newsletters or creating brand website accounts, quantifying changes in potential leads during digital advertising campaigns helps brands understand their powerful messaging.

How is ROI measured with creative digital advertising?

The ROI for digital advertising will be measured the same way, whether that campaign involves creativity or not. The ROI measurement for a digital advertising campaign is dependent on many critical items. For instance, an ad display channel’s free or paid advertising and a brand’s campaign endgame factor into determining the ROI. A company must analyze the amount spent on a drive and the revenue to analyze their ROI effectively.

How can SIS Global Marketing help with creative digital advertising & content curation?

We are a team of industry-recognized leaders in the world of digital marketing. Our engagements with our clients extend far beyond a transaction. We work closely with stakeholders to understand their brand objectives and work diligently to deliver results. We provide services for creative digital advertising, and organizations feel confident they have all the tools necessary to obtain success.

  • Creative Ideation and Brainstorming Consultations
  • Digital Media Content Creation (Photos, Advertisements, Videos, Email, Webpages)
  • SEO Content Generation, Keyword Analyses, and SERP Tracking
  • Graphic Design and Video Content Editing
  • Social Media Content Generation and Post Scheduling
  • Digital Advertisement Management
  • Digital Advertising KPI Tracking and ROI Calculations

No matter where your brand lies in the digital marketing process, SIS Global Marketing is here to help. We assist brands of all sizes in planning, developing, and managing their creative digital advertising efforts. We help create powerful messaging that drives high conversion rates and sustainable engagements.