Advertising Distribution Consulting

Developing a compelling advertising message or set of creative materials is just one of the several steps to ensure success for an overall ad campaign. Delivering powerful messages to the right audience at the right time, through the most efficient channel, and for the correct cost can be a headache for organizations of all shapes, sizes, and experience levels. Depending on a business’s advertising goals, the difference in the price and method of advertising distribution can make or break a successful campaign. Our team of industry-recognized leaders in advertising distribution consulting helps organizations reach their advertising goals and set them up for recurring success throughout their long-term marketing strategy.

What is advertising distribution?

There are countless possible distribution channels and techniques for getting a message in front of an audience for any advertising campaign. Placing a clear statement in front of a targeted audience about a business’s products or services is advertising distribution. These communications vary greatly depending on organizational goals and the solutions that a company is trying to sell. For example, if a business were to sell hockey gear, it may make sense to target hockey fans by placing large banner ads at arenas where people play hockey. The same company may also put flyers in sporting goods stores or use email lists to target their intended consumers.

On the contrary, if the same organization chose to place banner ads on a football field, that may be an ineffective advertising method. All vital aspects of advertising distribution are having a clear picture of what products are offered, who the target audience is, and where the most effective place is to reach them. Furthermore, advertising distribution involves the allocation of funds from a marketing campaign towards advertising. It requires a significant amount of front-and back-end research to ensure that advertisements generate a return and increase market share. Distribution channel selection, budgeting, metrics tracking, and audience selection are part of an effective advertising distribution process.

How is advertising distribution performed?

No matter what an organization hopes to accomplish through its advertising efforts, all successful campaigns require a well-defined distribution plan to understand the effectiveness of the project and reach the correct audiences. Without a proper plan in place, advertising efforts can feel lackluster and often fail to remain consistent across all chosen distribution channels. The advertising team at SIS Global Marketing works closely with brands to put together successful advertising distribution plans that outline the following requirements:

SIS Target Audience Segmentation

Target Audience and Segmentation

Our team first sits down with an organization and reviews the message they want to deliver and to whom they wish to provide it. Suppose a business is unsure who it would like to target for a particular campaign. In that case, our specialists have years of experience identifying consumer groups and can craft highly successful research initiatives to strengthen that foundational knowledge. Once a target audience is selected, businesses must align their messaging with said group. In this process, companies may find that some messaging resonates better with specific groups. For example, a telecommunications company may need different advertising campaigns for rural areas versus cities. This differentiation is where customer segmentation comes into play in the distribution journey and plays a vital role in building a successful campaign.

SIS Advertising Distribution Channel Selection

Distribution Channel Selection

Selecting the right distribution channel for a campaign is tricky. Still, it is crucial to building a solid advertising campaign, and it can mean failure if the right track is not chosen. When choosing a distribution channel, businesses must understand how their customers learn about their products or services and align their messaging with those channels. If most of an organization’s clients know about and purchase their products through social media, that may be the most effective channel for their advertising efforts. Taking items like demographics, income, education, and consumer attributes into consideration will help businesses align their advertising campaigns with their customer base. The team at SIS Global Marketing can help navigate this space with our clients and determine the most effective route of communication, even if it involves several channels at once.

SIS Global Advertising Budget Allocation

Budget Allocation

Determining the correct percentage of a marketing budget for advertising is an essential step in any business’s overall marketing objectives. If a company allocates too much towards advertising, it can be wasteful and make the generation of a return on ad spent difficult or even impossible. Additionally, if the advertising budget is too small, they may find difficulty connecting with their consumers. Brands must find balance in their advertising budget and leave some cushion room for unexpected items or opportunities.

SIS Global Advertising Metrics Tracking

Metrics Tracking

Every business should have a clear picture of how efficiently they are advertising and what it is doing for their success. Suppose an organization finds that they are not generating returns on their new advertising campaign. Keeping a close eye on performance metrics like ad spent, revenue generated, audience reach, and conversion rate can inform any contingency plans and allow businesses to switch gears if necessary. Additionally, tracking metrics throughout an entire advertising campaign can inform future efforts and tell a company just how efficient they were in the advertising planning and execution stages.

SIS Global Long-Term Strategy

Long-Term Strategy

Although advertising efforts may sometimes focus on recent product releases or potential new offerings, establishing a long-term strategy for distribution is a great way to adopt a continuous improvement strategy for advertising. Furthermore, having a long-term vision for advertising and marketing helps brands phase in and out of different campaigns. Whether there are seasonal offerings that an organization wants to sell or budgets are shifted, establishing a long-term strategy for advertising distribution helps brands be aware, prepared, and ready. Additionally, it allows organizations to have long-term goals set that extend beyond their near-term vision for advertising. When organizations have something to work toward collectively, they can often create more effective and well-defined plans for getting there.

Why is advertising distribution important?

Understanding why it is so important to have an effective advertising distribution strategy helps to imagine what a business would do without one. If an organization were to launch a new product or idea with no plan, it might promote its latest offering through several different marketing channels with no vision. While this may work for some brands or items, this strategy is expensive, inefficient, and unsustainable in most business cases. Organizations that approach advertising without any formal system often find themselves continuously changing their messaging and preferred channels to regain traction. This cyclical nature eats marketing budgets and causes iterative rework. As aforementioned, businesses that have an effective advertising distribution plan in place can target their customers more specifically – fostering results that drive revenue long-term and keep people interested.

Why choose SIS Global Marketing?

At SIS Global Marketing, our team of specialists has decades of experience leveraging nearly all forms of advertising distribution.

Whether printed marketing materials, social media, promotional events, billboards, radio, or television, our experts have understood and applied the most efficient advertising solutions for brands of all sizes and backgrounds. SIS Global Marketing can design and implement the following services for advertising distribution:

  • Advertising Metrics Establishment and Tracking
  • Ad Distribution for Digital and Physical Channels
  • Budget Planning and Allocation
  • Supply Chain Engagement and Setup for Physical Distribution
  • Templated Advertisement Solutions for High Volume
  • Business Partnerships for Digital and Physical Distribution
  • Social Media Influencer Marketing

No matter what message a business would like to convey, SIS Global Marketing can make it happen – ensuring that our customers are set up for long-term success and have the right tools and guidance to establish an effective advertising distribution method.

SIS Global Advertising Distribution