Ad Tech Consulting

Ad Tech (short for advertising technology) includes software and tools that organizations leverage to connect with digital audiences and track their overall success. While ad tech has been around for a few years now, it is still a new space for many industries, and businesses are often unsure how to leverage it most effectively. At SIS Global Marketing, we have spent years understanding the most effective ad tech solutions and providing robust operational guidance on leveraging these tools to reach a business’s advertising goals.

What is Ad Tech?

Ad tech is a set of technologies designed to help advertisers better allocate their budgets and avoid wasteful methodologies. These tools align the correct content with the right audiences at the right time to reduce spending and maximize advertising efficiency. While there are many different suppliers of ad tech solutions, most options fall under two categories – programmatic and omnichannel marketing.
With programmatic marketing efforts, businesses can purchase ad space that targets a particular audience no matter what distribution channel the audiences are using. These solutions allow brands to showcase advertisements to consumers interested in specific items or subjects online by leveraging data analytics available through ad tech software.

Omnichannel marketing will also target individuals across any marketing channel; however, this technology will consider how individuals have interacted with those outlets before showing them an ad. With this solution, advertisers can target first-time users and existing customers with different campaigns without manual interference to select which advertisement to display. These solutions eliminate wasteful spending and maximize the return on ads by avoiding advertisements directed at the wrong audiences.

While programmatic and omnichannel marketing is not the only ad tech solutions available, they are certainly the most prominent and impactful. Instead of organizations purchasing standard placement ads, these tools integrate their advertisements with robust data analytics and technology platforms. These solutions are reshaping the way that businesses think about and engage with media every day.

How Does Ad Tech Work?

Traditional approaches to digital advertising often involve a “one-size-fits-all” approach where advertisers place their messaging alongside content that may or may not be relevant. This method can certainly work; however, it is certainly not the most efficient form of advertising online. With a “one-size-fits-all” approach, businesses waste resources, and advertising can be annoying to consumers that find the content irrelevant – especially if it’s unrelated to on-page content.

A business can leverage influential data and customer attributes to position advertisements in the most effective locations with ad tech solutions. Using keywords from search pages, user demographics, physical sites, and more, advertisers can craft messaging that resonates with customers and reduces cost by eliminating inefficient distribution channels. Furthermore, by placing advertisements closer to targeted consumers, businesses can expect higher digital conversion rates as many ads are a direct route to their product offerings. Ad tech has made it much easier for organizations to become a household name and increase exposure to their ideal audiences.

What Benefits Can Ad Tech Provide?

SIS Global Ad-tech Brand Awareness

Increased revenue and brand awareness

As aforementioned, ad tech solutions can increase buyer interest and get brands closer to their customers than ever before. These convenient and personal touchpoints can boost brand awareness and heighten consumer adoption.

SIS Global Ad-tech Streamlining Business Functions

Streamlining business functions

Beyond increased revenue and brand awareness, however, ad tech can help businesses streamline their organizational activities surrounding their marketing and advertising teams. Many advertising and marketing teams leverage various digital tools to launch their advertising campaigns, target customer segments, and track performance metrics. While multiple tools can sometimes be helpful for advertising teams, they can perpetuate inconsistencies in messaging and frustrate both employees and customers. Ad tech solutions help unify platforms and eliminate any potential issues in published advertisements by keeping them consistent and uniform.

SIS Global Ad-tech Customer Fatigue Ad-Spent

Reducing customer fatigue and ad spent

Furthermore, ad tech solutions can also help to reduce the burden placed on audiences by repetitive exposure to messaging. When audiences see repetitive advertisements, they often grow frustrated with a particular brand, negatively impacting their overall image. Ad tech helps to eliminate these redundancies and only target individuals when it makes the most sense. Leveraging solutions like RTB (real-time bidding), organizations can target individuals who are more likely to convert without bothering those who likely won’t. Because digital space is expensive, organizations need to bid only on digital real-estate that fits their objectives and helps them to accomplish those items with as little cost as possible. Ad tech solutions can autonomously bid for headers and banner ads to optimize ad inventories and execute when the spend likely sees a return.

SIS Global Ad-tech Compliance Automation

Compliance and automation

Another vital aspect of ad tech is that it reduces the amount of information that organizations need to collect on their customers and makes compliance much more manageable in terms of privacy. Ad tech can provide organizations with robust datasets and consumer analytics without the need for costly research procedures. Because many of these platforms interpret data in real-time, they reduce the amount of analysis required on the business end and reduce the amount of consumer information stored on-premises.

SIS Global Ad-tech Invalid Traffic

Eliminating invalid traffic

Ad tech solutions can help organizations avoid costly fees associated with fraudulent traffic. Not only do bots and virtual machines create significant issues for online advertisers and their metrics, but they can scam organizations and generate false success around advertising campaigns. Some ad tech solutions can identify fraudulent traffic and block it from advertisements to decrease revenue claw-backs, increase ad account safety, and eliminate invalid traffic.

How does a business know what ad tech solution is right for them?

With so many options available, it can be difficult for an organization to sift through ad tech solutions and know that the solution they choose is right for them.

In this sense, digital infrastructure is no different than physical infrastructure and thus requires a proper analysis before business leaders decide. The marketing and advertising professionals at SIS Global Marketing have worked diligently to identify the top ad tech solutions in the industry and have helped countless organizations identify, test, and implement ad tech solutions. As companies look to adopt a new ad tech solution, our professionals can help align priorities with an ad tech solution that ensures our clients have all the tools they need without overpaying for features that are of no value. Some of the guidance provided by the ad tech consulting team at SIS Global Marketing include:

  • Advertising Plan Alignment and Goals Strategy
  • Ad Tech System Selection
  • Ad Tech System Implementation
  • Ad Tech System Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Metrics Setting and Tracking
  • Bidding Strategy Establishment
  • Digital Inventory Development
SIS Global Ad-tech Consulting

Why choose SIS Global Marketing?

At SIS Global Marketing, we strive to form long-lasting relationships with our customers that extend far beyond a transaction. Our team of industry-recognized specialists possesses a robust foundational knowledge in the ad tech space. They can offer end-to-end guidance for identifying and implementing the right solution for a business. No matter what stage a company lies in during their advertising process, our specialists can help get them where they need to be. We offer various transformational consulting services that enable businesses to reach their customers and their organizational goals. Whether your organization knows what it is looking for or is uncertain of its needs, reach out today to see how SIS global Marketing can transform your marketing and advertising initiatives.