Ad Tech Consulting

Ad Tech (short for advertising technology) includes software and tools that organizations leverage to connect with digital audiences and track their overall success. While ad tech has been around for a few years now, it is still a new space for many industries, and businesses are often unsure how to leverage it most effectively. At SIS Global Marketing, we have spent years understanding the most effective ad tech solutions and providing robust operational guidance on leveraging these tools to reach a business’s advertising goals.

What is Ad Tech?

Ad tech is a set of technologies designed to help advertisers better allocate their budgets and avoid wasteful methodologies. These tools align the correct content with the right audiences at the right time to reduce spending and maximize advertising efficiency. These solutions allow brands to showcase advertisements to consumers interested in specific items or subjects online by leveraging data analytics available through ad tech software.

Omnichannel marketing will also target individuals across any marketing channel. However, this technology will consider how individuals have interacted with those outlets before showing them an ad. With this solution, advertisers can target first-time users and existing customers with different campaigns to select which advertisement to display without manual interference. These solutions eliminate wasteful spending and maximize the return on ads by avoiding advertisements directed at the wrong audiences.

How Does Ad Tech Work?

Traditional approaches to digital advertising often involve a “one-size-fits-all” approach. This method can certainly work; however, it is not the most efficient form of advertising online. With a “one-size-fits-all” approach, businesses waste resources, and advertising can annoy consumers who find the content irrelevant – especially unrelated to on-page content.

With ad tech solutions, a business can leverage influential data and customer attributes to position advertisements in the most effective locations. Using keywords from search pages, user demographics, and physical sites; advertisers can craft messaging that resonates with customers and reduces costs by eliminating inefficient distribution channels..

What Benefits Can Ad Tech Provide?

SIS Global Ad-tech Brand Awareness

Increased revenue and brand awareness

Our strategies are laser-focused on boosting your bottom line. We analyze market trends, optimize pricing models, and identify untapped revenue streams. By aligning your offerings with customer needs, we drive sales growth and maximize profitability. With our expertise in harnessing ad tech, we can help propel your business toward heightened revenue streams and enhanced brand recognition.

SIS Global Ad-tech Streamlining Business Functions

Streamlining business functions

We specialize in optimizing your business processes. Our tailored solutions enhance efficiency, reduce redundancy, and foster seamless collaboration. Whether it’s automating routine tasks, integrating software systems, or redefining workflows, we ensure your operations run like a well-oiled machine.

SIS Global Ad-tech Customer Fatigue Ad-Spent

Reducing customer fatigue and ad spent

At SIS Global Marketing, we tackle ad fatigue head-on by rotating ads, setting frequency caps, and employing dynamic creatives. Simultaneously, we optimize ad spend through audience segmentation, strategic scheduling, and content refreshes.

SIS Global Ad-tech Compliance Automation

Compliance and automation

At SIS Global Marketing, we excel in ensuring compliance across your operations. Our team meticulously navigates regulatory landscapes, keeping your business aligned with industry standards. From data privacy to legal requirements, we’ve got you covered. But compliance alone isn’t enough. That’s where our automation expertise comes in. We streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and reduce manual overhead. By integrating smart tools and workflows, we empower your organization to thrive in a dynamic business environment.

SIS Global Ad-tech Invalid Traffic

Eliminating invalid traffic

At SIS Global Marketing, we specialize in safeguarding your digital ecosystem by eliminating invalid traffic. Our cutting-edge solutions detect and filter out fraudulent clicks, bots, and irrelevant visits, ensuring that your marketing efforts reach genuine audiences. By minimizing wasteful spending and optimizing campaign performance, we empower your business to thrive.

How does a business know what ad tech solution is the right one?

With so many options available, it can be difficult for an organization to sift through ad tech solutions and know their chosen solution is right one.

Our marketing and advertising professionals work to identify the top ad tech solutions in your industry and help you test and implement these solutions. Some of the guidance provided by the ad tech consulting team at SIS Global Marketing include:

  • Advertising Plan Alignment and Goals Strategy
  • Ad Tech System Selection
  • Ad Tech System Implementation
  • Ad Tech System Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Metrics Setting and Tracking
  • Bidding Strategy Establishment
  • Digital Inventory Development
SIS Global Ad-tech Consulting

Why choose SIS Global Marketing?

At SIS Global Marketing, we strive to form long-lasting relationships with our customers. Our team of industry-recognized specialists possesses a robust foundational knowledge in the ad tech space. They can offer end-to-end guidance for identifying and implementing the right solution for a business. We offer various transformational consulting services that enable businesses to reach their customers and their organizational goals.

Reach out today to see how SIS Global Marketing can transform your marketing and advertising initiatives.