Ad Planning Consulting

Every business relies on advertisements to connect with customers and communicate vital information about their products or services. With so many techniques and channels available, it isn’t always clear what shape or form advertisements should take to be as effective as possible. At SIS Global Marketing, we offer comprehensive advertising planning consulting services to help organizations of all sizes achieve their ultimate marketing and communications goals.

What is ad planning consulting?

Every business should start its advertising journey by establishing a plan for a successful advertising campaign. Outlining an advertisement campaign from start to finish, including intended goals and outcomes, can help organizations make long-term strategic plans for building their business and brand awareness. Our team of experienced professionals and marketers has decades of combined experience establishing effective advertisement plans that help bridge the gap between businesses and their customers. From the first touchpoint, our experts take the time to understand your business objectives and establish custom strategies tailored to your needs.

How does an effective advertising plan work?

Any great advertising plan deserves significant attention to ensure alignment between the business and its marketing communications throughout the entire process. As our team of experts grows more familiar with a business’s goals and the messages they would like to convey, they work diligently to establish the following items for every advertising strategy:

SIS Global Ad Planning Organizational Analysis

Organizational Analysis (Reviewing an organization’s current problems and opportunities)

A successful advertising campaign should address an issue. Organizations can have many different goals for their advertising objectives that should be designed directly concerning their current problems. Businesses can leverage and work towards bettering through their advertising campaigns to gain more customers, provide better information to customers, or increase positive perceptions or attitudes around a brand.

SIS Global Ad Planning Strategy Design

Strategy Design (Building a framework for an effective campaign)

Every advertising initiative needs a strong foundation. Using the issues identified in the organizational analysis, our team will work personally with brands to establish clearly defined advertising goals. Once there is alignment between an organization and the goals they plan to accomplish, there must be a strong understanding of how to attain those goals.

  • To effectively measure campaign success, it’s also essential for organizations to understand their current state in the areas they would like to improve. Existing market shares, annual revenue generated, and user demand for goods or services are metrics that can help establish a baseline for comparison once a new advertising campaign has launched. Similarly, outlining the market share of competitors, the services they offer, their advertising methods, and their overall marketing strategies can help understand the market a business is operating in and a process that will provide a competitive edge.

A robust advertising strategy design should outline all the services and products that a business offers – incorporating results from market research, consumer research, and candid feedback about the brand image from customers and other audiences. These items, in conjunction, will further current knowledge on a business’s position and customer satisfaction levels.

  • Once building a robust understanding of brand position and customer experiences, teams should focus their efforts on identifying and segmenting their target audience. Leveraging attributes such as age, gender, location, and psychographics like values, religion, etc., can enable more targeted and effective advertising campaigns. If a business is unfamiliar with these items or does not have this information readily available, our team can identify these items and strengthen organizational understanding.
SIS Global Ad Planning Creative Design

Creative Design Planning (Advertising message and brand image.)

Using information established in the organizational analysis and strategy design, our team of creative experts works closely with businesses to create a compelling core message in their advertising efforts. This process involves ironing out how a company should deliver its message to capture the attention of its target audience and build a heightened sense of brand awareness. In this process, a business showcases who it is to new and existing customers with quick, easily digestible material. Every word in an advertisement carries a lot of weight. Similarly, in this stage of ad planning, organizations start to visualize how they want their advertisements to look and feel. While there are numerous ways to approach this stage, brands must keep an open mind and build strategies that help them navigate the competitive landscape to gain consumer interest and market share.

SIS Global Ad Planning Promotion Development

Promotion Development (The most efficient way to deliver a message)

  • Through the promotion development phase, brands are tasked with identifying the best possible way to deliver their message to consumers. Our marketing experts guide businesses through this stage by performing robust cost analysis and aligning their core message with different media types. Whether it’s print advertising in magazines, radio, television, social media, or another channel, SIS Global Marketing can identify the most cost-effective advertising methods for businesses of all sizes.
  • Another crucial aspect of the promotion development stage is identifying peak- and low-sales seasons to tune advertising efforts long-term and create the most impactful campaign possible. A carefully designed advertising campaign can help reduce the cyclical nature of business and help to build a more uniform cash flow year-round.
  • It may also be worthwhile to explore other marketing strategies in conjunction with advertising in this stage. Identifying how a brand will also deliver its message amongst its entire marketing plan will ensure alignment across all marketing communications and avoid inconsistencies between audiences.
SIS Global Ad Planning Evaluation

Evaluation (How will success be measured?

Success can be subjective depending on an organization’s short- and long-term goals as defined by their strategy design framework. No matter how an organization defines success, it is vital to identify critical metrics early on to determine how effective a campaign was. When planning an accurate evaluation process, brands should consider essential items that will inform future advertising efforts. Key metrics like ROAS (return on ad spent), revenue figures, consumer satisfaction levels, and brand image rankings will help businesses build more prolonged, more valuable customer relationships and avoid market loss.

SIS Global Ad Planning Budget

Budget (Determining what percentage of a marketing budget goes to advertising)

Flushing out a solid budget for advertising early in the process can help strengthen existing advertising efforts and refine these items for future work. For example, if there is not enough budget allocated to advertising, a brand can fail to accomplish organizational goals. If there is too much spent on the advertising campaign, it can significantly waste resources. Businesses need to consider the life cycle of their entire brand offering and create flexible advertising campaigns to keep that life cycle sustainable. Determining what media options make the most sense, how large of a campaign a business can afford, and how broad (or narrow) of a target audience a company wants to reach can inform an effective advertising strategy early on and avoid frustration later.

A well-defined advertising strategy strengthens brand messaging efforts, creates a strong foundation for future advertising strategies, and ensures that brands remain aligned with their more extensive business plans. By crafting an organized and robust advertising plan early in any marketing campaign, brands can reach their target audiences more effectively, create more accessible services, and find more sustainable business practices through the process.

Why SIS Global Marketing?

At SIS Global Marketing, we have decades of proven success guiding brands to where they want to be. Our industry-recognized leaders in ad planning and marketing initiatives close the knowledge gaps between a business and its objectives, making the path to success as seamless as possible. We offer several end-to-end services to create highly successful advertising campaigns for our clients:

  • Organizational overview and goal identification
  • Key-metrics design and success evaluation
  • Creative design and campaign messaging
  • Budget planning and allocation
  • Promotional Development
  • Marketing and Advertising Alignment 
  • Customer Identity, Journey-Mapping, and Segmentation Research
  • Full-scale advertising campaign design and management

We pride ourselves on building and maintain long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and have demonstrated great success planning their advertising initiatives. Contact one of our associates today and see just how great your next ad campaign can be.