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At SIS Global Marketing, we offer a suite of SEO services to help our clients build their online presence and gain more authority on search engine websites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of creating content that helps a website or landing page rank higher within a search engine’s results.

Many businesses dream of landing themselves within the first ten search engine search results, which means their business displays on the first page of results for their brand name or specific industry. Achieving a search rank in the top ten of any industry can be extremely difficult. Still, if a brand’s content is managed well, contains essential keywords, and includes excellent backlinks, a successful SEO Services campaign will drive a greater search rank. Simply achieving a high search engine rank is not enough, however. Over time, brands must continue to chip away at their competitor’s search traffic and gain more significant market share through these practices – remaining engaged with fresh, new, and exciting content.

SIS Global Search Engine Optimization SEO
SIS Global Search Engine Optimization SEO

What does SEO content do for a business?

Having phenomenal SEO content on a website ultimately means more web traffic because more and more individuals see the website appear when searching for something specific. As a business increases its rank within the search results, the likelihood of someone clicking on their page increases – therefore, increasing the number of visits on their site.

How is SEO performed?

Creating great SEO content involves several essential items that will ultimately work together to increase web traffic. It is necessary to remain aware of each of these items and continuously improve upon them if a business wants to withhold its rankings on a search engine results page.

Creative Digital Advertising & Content Curation


Probably the most critical aspect of SEO content is the use of keywords. Keywords are essentially the words, phrases, or sentences individuals search for or associate with a brand or topic area. To effectively conduct keyword research, brands may spend several hours or even days looking into words or names that customers associate with their business. These keywords must be focused on the specific brand in question to avoid throwing off search engine users. This area of SEO content generation is an often rushed or overlooked step in the process and, if not conducted correctly, can be damaging to any marketing effort. To give an example of why keywords are so important, let’s imagine an SEO content campaign at a hypothetical technology company that we can name “Pear.” Imagine “Pear” is a leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic goods. They develop smartphones, laptops, earphones, and more. Let’s say “Pear” is conducting keyword research and wants to gather more individuals for their new product. If “Pear” focuses its efforts on fruit-related content, it will undoubtedly capture individuals researching pears (the fruit) but will not capture the attention of their target customer. If the same company were to create content that included phrases like “smartphones,” “electronics,” or something similar in their website content, then they would avoid capturing the wrong audience and would have created a much more successful campaign. These small changes can make a huge difference for companies seeking better SEO rankings.

SIS Global Search Engine Optimization SEO


Backlinks are links that exist on external websites and drive traffic back to a specific domain. Google and several other search engine providers treat backlinks as “votes” for different websites. Websites that are tied to more backlinks tend to have greater SEO rankings and more organic traffic. This is because it shows that a brand is trustworthy for its niche, and other brands trust the content they produce. That is why backlinks are a great way to showcase strategic brand partnerships by promoting other businesses—having established backlinks with several other websites, whether news stations, blogs, or partner pages, increases a brand’s authority and strengthens its reputation.

Creative Digital Advertising & Content Curation

Content Production

Simply producing content is not going to drive a brand’s SEO ranking. That content must be well-curated, include critical keywords & links, and intriguing in a way that doesn’t seem ingenuine or forceful. It must also be technically sound, considering on-page SEO items like HTML source code, Schema, and meta tags. Photos, videos, and other features must include SEO meta tags to quickly help individuals find that content on and off the web page. Articles must be well-written, avoid being too short, and crafted in a way that allows continuous improvement as trends change.

Creative Digital Advertising & Content Curation

Off-Page SEO

Businesses working on their SEO must also focus their efforts on what is known as off-page SEO. Off-page SEO includes any content outside of the website in question and works to funnel traffic back toward that site. Backlinks are a prime example of this concept. Backlinks exist on other web pages and will often fit within an article or blog post. As the individual reads through the webpage, they can click on backlinks and redirect to another site. Off-page SEO can also include social media marketing, influencer marketing, word-of-mouth advertising, and more. Anywhere that a business can drive digital traffic to their website can increase their off-page SEO.

How is SEO tracked?

Understanding the entirety of a brand’s SEO presence is a complicated process. It requires a robust understanding of search results, site traffic, backlink utilization, click-through rates, conversions, and engagements. Because SEO is such a crucial aspect of building a brand online, many domain providers and advertising channels have started to include metrics and other data to assist brand owners with their SEO content. These tools often provide a high-level overview of site visitation and can give suggestions for content editing. However, audiences still show that they care for meaningful and genuine content despite the availability of such devices. A website littered with SEO content may score high in an SEO ranking program, but if that content does not resonate with the target customer, it likely will not rank well in the search results. It takes time to figure out a business’s best SEO path and see results, but for any SEO Services campaign, keeping an eye on SEO rankings with tools like SEMrush, or organic traffic through a Google Business account is a great way to track progress along the way.

How is ROI calculated for SEO?

If a business is paying for SEO content, the best way to track its ROI will come through understanding the goal it wants to achieve. If a company wants to drive more conversions, it should first understand its baseline conversion rate before introducing SEO content. After establishing a baseline conversion rate, the business can then consider the amount spent on SEO content. Once a new conversion rate is visible, the company can analyze how much return is being generated by the latest content and understand how that SEO content is affecting revenue. This process takes time, but if a business aims to increase web traffic, optimize its content, and increase conversions, SEO content is never a wrong choice. It is almost an essential item to even compete in the digital landscape.

How can SIS Global Marketing Help?

At SIS Global Marketing, we help businesses of all shapes and sizes establish a solid digital presence. We build strategic partnerships with our clients that enable long-lasting, mutually beneficial results in the world of online marketing. With SEO Services content, we have perfected several services tailored to fit your unique marketing objectives.

  • Website Auditing and SEO Content Editing
  • SEO Content Ideation and Creation
  • On-Page SEO Management
  • Off-Page SEO Management
  • SEO Analytics and Ranking Reviews
  • Robust SEO Keyword Research
  • HTML SEO Design
  • Cost-Per-Click Advertising Establishment

Wherever your business lies in its SEO journey, we at SIS Global Marketing are here to assist you on the fast track to success. Time to turn that website around and strengthen your brand authority today!