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Fintech (the intersection of financial services and modern technology) is a rapidly emerging market that continues to shift how financial providers and their customers do business. Fintech is a broad term that encompasses a variety of solutions in the economic space. Digital payment platforms like PayPal and Venmo are some of the most popular FinTech solutions amongst consumers; however, fintech providers often work behind the scenes to provide robust, automated, and advanced solutions for all things related to finance.

Credit monitoring, lending approvals/denials, insurance, and international money transfers are areas fintech is enormously impacting, but these examples are far from the only instances. With so many players in the fintech space, it can be complex for new and existing organizations to navigate this fast-paced market. At SIS Global Marketing, we offer complete fintech consulting services to help businesses decide which solutions are right for them. Our customized approaches to fintech enable companies to enhance their software integrations, boost their security and compliance situation, and establish heightened corporate infrastructures for financial data.

How can fintech consulting help?

From small businesses to enterprises, every organization can benefit from improvements to its financial systems and workflows. Our fintech consultants help organizations implement large- and small-scale solutions to maximize operational efficiency and eliminate financial risk. We guide companies through several critical areas in the economic space that they can leverage to simplify their financial management procedures. Some of the solutions our experts provide but are not limited to include:

SIS Fintech Software

Fintech Software Selection and Integration

Selecting the right solution for an organization requires a lot of work. When it comes to corporate finance, a lot goes into the adoption of a fintech solution that all needs to be considered for business purposes and compliance. Because there are so many solutions in the fintech space, our team of experts has worked diligently to research those they find most comprehensive and make well-educated suggestions on which solutions may be suitable for your business needs.

  • For business purposes, selecting a fintech solution may require a strategic plan that includes cost analysis, a review of integration capabilities (with new and legacy systems), planning and forecasting, review of payroll management, invoicing/PO systems, and a formal risk assessment. Our specialists have spent several years developing a proven selection process and can help offer guidance on how to complete these items most effectively.
  • When it comes to compliance, there are many items that organizations need to consider in terms of AML, consumer protection, and partnerships. Selecting the right fintech solution can keep companies and their customers protected. Our specialists have a significant amount of experience navigating financial regulations and can help businesses implement solutions that will ensure compliance and keep them safe.
  • After a business has settled on a fintech solution, our team of consultants provides support before, during, and after integration to make the implementation as seamless as possible. While this is an extensive process, we offer guidance on best practices for data migration, integration with existing infrastructure, and cloud-based solutions.
SIS Fintech Financial Data

Financial Data Management and Consolidation

Probably the most critical aspect of a fintech solution is its ability to transfer, manage, and visualize financial data effectively. This means that across all facets of the business (payroll, sales, supply chain, purchasing, marketing, advertising, etc.,) there are solutions for the management and distribution of financial-related data. If a solution falls short in any one of these areas, it can prove disastrous for a business’s ability to function. We offer extensive guidance in financial data management and consolidation to enable brands to be their most effective selves. Whether an organization needs help establishing formal file-keeping procedures, filtering old legacy data, or establishing new operations for financial records, we ensure that our clients have everything they require for success.

SIS Fintech Platform Migration

Platform Migration and Establishment

For businesses that have already launched a fintech solution but want to transition to an entirely different ecosystem, we support the migration to new systems. We can help build support for the establishment of new infrastructure around their solutions. There is extensive data transfer, API configuration, user access and identity management, and compliance work involved in platform migration. Thankfully, many systems today support transitions, but it can be challenging to migrate for organizations that are currently reliant on internal solutions or legacy systems. Our services help companies make this transition as seamless as possible and help to eliminate risks associated with these moves. Since data can be lost in the migration and vulnerabilities can be exposed, we offer aid throughout the entire process to ensure that our clients are protected during and after the transition period.

What can fintech do for an organization?

While it would be impossible to outline all the fintech solutions and tools that exist in the market today, there are a few key areas where modern fintech solutions are changing the way that people work and making businesses operate more efficiently:

SIS Fintech Payroll Automation

Payroll automation

Payroll is a huge task for any organization and plays a vital role in team member satisfaction, financial efficiency, and overall function. A job that human resources or payroll departments traditionally completed has seen greater automation over the years with solutions able to handle attendance, wages, adjustments, and taxes without a significant need for human interaction.

SIS Fintech Tax Payment Systems

Tax payment systems

These solutions automate the handling of tax information and offer robust solutions for the tracking, management, and payment of any tax liabilities held by an organization. While a tax specialist should likely accompany these solutions, they still offer a significant reduction in the amount of manual work left to a business.

SIS Fintech Expense Revenue

Expense and revenue systems

Many organizations, especially those at an enterprise level, complete a myriad of transactions daily. Some of these transactions are revenue generated, and others are expenses. Modern fintech solutions can help process these different transactions and keep track of cash flow for a business. This reduces the amount spent on payment management and increases efficiency around a business’s financial metrics tracking.

SIS Fintech Planning Forecasting

Planning and forecasting

Some sophisticated fintech solutions offer financial planning and forecasting services to help businesses remain proactive and prepared for their future state. These tools leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to recognize different economic trends within a company and help inform business leaders as they navigate their operational initiatives.

SIS Fintech Financial Risk Assesment

Financial risk assessments

Certain fintech solutions can automate financial risk assessment and supplement business decisions. These tools consider a business’s current economic state, along with their intended investments or plans, and can help influence leadership as to how much risk they can take on without jeopardizing the overall function of their company.

Why choose SIS Global Marketing?

At SIS Global Marketing, we have spent years understanding the fintech market and the nuances associated with its adoption.

Our team of industry-recognized professionals has helped businesses on a global scale reach goals that once seemed out of reach. Supplementing a business’s current operations with a robust and powerful fintech solution can enable market differentiation and help organizations stand out from the crowd. Our fintech consultants offer a wide variety of services to make this adoption possible. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Current Business State Analysis
  • Fintech System Selection
  • System Adoption Management
  • Data Migration and Management
  • System Integration Guidance
  • Assistance with Compliance and Financial Regulations
  • Metrics Tracking and Management

No matter a business’s fintech needs, our experts are here to help. By focusing on our customers’ success in every facet of their business, we help organizations optimize their financial workflows and maximize their operational efficiency. Contact us today to set up a consultation with one of our fintech experts.

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