Customer Experience (CX) Consulting

Customer experience, or CX, is the overall collective sum of experiences that any given customer associates with a particular brand. A business’s CX can include nearly all aspects of operations, including communications, advertising, marketing, product offerings, promotions, organizational values, and more. Understanding CX across all touchpoints of an organization is vital for the future state of any business; however, many organizations fail to assess their CX and lack any formal procedure for supporting those experiences in the short- or long term.

Without a clear understanding of CX, many businesses fail to align themselves with their customers’ values and inadvertently form a disconnect with their most influential audiences. Building strategic, holistic CX approaches across an organization’s entire presence enables digital strategies that reduce operational risk, perpetuate growth, and mitigate customer pain points. At SIS Global Marketing, our team of experienced CX specialists provides decades of combined experience to establish a clear image of an organization’s CX. Our team then builds out long-term strategies that refine and enhance those experiences and form long-lasting partnerships with clients to foster mutually beneficial cycles of virtue.

How is CX enhanced?

It’s best to start by looking inward when enhancing the CX initiatives at any business. At SIS Global Marketing, we begin by assessing the current state of an organization’s CX and then work from the inside out to establish long-term success strategies that align brands with their target audiences and boost the overall satisfaction of new and existing customers. Our initial consultation involves a walkthrough of any business’s current touchpoints to fully understand how they interact with their customers and audiences and their current sentiment around brand image, awareness, and operations. Once our experts have spent time assessing the current state of CX in an organization, they provide clearly defined areas of improvement which vary significantly from business to business. After an organization identifies its weak points, our team starts building a clear roadmap to refine CX and heighten brand sentiment amongst customers and employees alike. Our industry-recognized leaders in CX consulting approach every project uniquely, but they have established a framework for success that utilizes several core services:

SIS Customer Experience CX Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping

outlines how customers engage with a brand and highlights those experiences for an organization to analyze. The customer journey map includes vital moments of satisfaction, truth, and frustration experienced with a brand and highlights those moments as unique steps. Our team of experts formulates customer journey maps for businesses to align people, technologies, marketing/ad channels, and operations with their overall CX objectives.

SIS Customer Experience CX Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement Development

is a process that involves treating CX initiatives as an ongoing business operation and avoids treating CX as a static project. With constant improvement development, our experts will craft carefully designed processes and objectives for businesses to strive toward and improve. Continuous CX improvement allows brands always to understand their strengths and weaknesses and build strategies to better their current state. In a world where digital landscapes are constantly shifting, it is crucial for organizations to continuously offer customer experiences that exceed their expectations and keep them engaged -this reduces friction and makes the customer journey much more enjoyable for everyone involved.

SIS Customer Experience CX Digital Strategy Design

Digital Strategy Design and Execution

involves formulating a digital experience across all virtual touchpoints that remains ubiquitous with an organization’s overall CX strategy. As digital experiences become more and more prevalent, businesses must prioritize CX solutions that limit frustration and align with their overall values and objectives. The digital experts at SIS Global Marketing craft actionable, valuable, and robust digital strategies that enable organizations to build unique digital CX initiatives and enhance their online presence.

SIS Customer Experience CX Holistic Experience

Holistic Experience Conceptualization

is a unique service that the team at SIS Global Marketing provides, which involves the identification, design, and implementation of a holistic organization CX initiative. Building these overviews is an extensive process that spans an organization’s entire CX process and helps find areas of improvement in every form of customer engagement. These processes include refinements to customer service, messaging, digital experiences, purchasing, fulfillment, and more. Once our consultants have identified all the potential areas of improvement within a business, they tailor strategic improvement programs that companies can utilize to build the ideal end-to-end customer experience. This approach treats an organization’s CX as a collective entity and therefore focuses on all contact channels.

SIS Customer Experience CX Validation Model Development

Validation Model Development

is a vital aspect of every project. Whether a project involves CX, it needs metrics and a benchmarking process to track overall progress and success. The experts at SIS Global Marketing build validation models that include key performance metrics and regularly scheduled audit procedures that businesses can use to understand the current state of their CX initiatives and adjust as they scale. These metrics allow a company to assess the overall value of its initiatives and track improvements year over year.

SIS Customer Experience CX Value Mapping

Value Mapping

is a vital aspect of any CX campaign that helps teams gain buy-in, increase efficiency, and foster heightened adoption rates. Our specialists help businesses find measurable proof points that their CX and digital transformation initiatives are driving value by mapping each instance separately. This process includes calculations for ROI (return on investment) and business case development to help teams identify and quantify the impact that different drivers have on a CX transformation process. These business strategies inform future actions and refine customer engagements while minimizing the cost of front-end investments.

SIS Customer Experience CX Transformational Guidance

Transformational Guidance

requires a robust understanding of an organization and its objectives. Our team provides brands with a tailored approach to their CX needs, offering long-term strategy and vision guidance, budgetary planning, and project management. Having outlined those items through the initial stages of our CX consulting services, our team can help design, inform, and execute an organizational transformation process to strengthen CX and influence all future CX initiatives. Even after developing a transformation roadmap, our consultants establish relationships with our customers that extend far beyond a transaction – providing security, Guidance, and solutions to businesses every step of the way.

Why is CX important to outline?

Without a clear understanding of CX, businesses fail to meet their customers’ needs. Product development, marketing, advertising, support, and even manufacturing are all informed by CX. CX helps companies grow; it helps them design great products and close the communication gap between audiences and the brands they choose to support. Organizations that focus on CX have often shown higher satisfaction rates, more return customers, and greater insight for future campaigns – this is especially true in the digital era, where customers form their perceptions of a brand through online platforms or services. Businesses should have a clear understanding of CX. That experience should be communicated throughout the company so that each unit can work towards a collective betterment – doing so can help organizations maintain their competitive edge. When an entire organization aligns with its CX journey map, employees can all contribute towards improving customer satisfaction rates and avoid misalignments that can negatively impact a brand.

Why SIS Global Marketing?

At SIS Global Marketing, we understand the amount of pressure CX can place on an organization to remain consistent, transparent, and engaging.

With so much competition in today’s markets, it’s not always easy for brands to stand out from the crowd and differentiate themselves. With an improved understanding and implementation of a CX strategy, businesses can find unique ways to heighten their customers’ experiences and form long-lasting, high-quality relationships. Our experts have navigated the CX space for years, helping brands of all sizes and disciplines become leaders of CX in their respective markets through our unique solutions, including:

  • CX Research and Focus Groups
  • CX Strategy and Transformation Design
  • CX Continuous Improvement Planning
  • Customer Journey Mapping and Ethnographies
  • Digital Strategy Consulting
  • End-to-end CX improvement

Because our clients’ success is our business, our teams work closely with companies from the bottom up to strengthen their CX strategies at the core. No matter an organization’s CX needs, our specialists can help. Contact SIS Global Marketing today and take the initiative over your CX strategy.

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